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In defense of winter枣庄金中飞商贸有限公司

夜遇直播号安卓版下载 Looking forward to a break, and what’s ahead 敦化满浩光商贸有限公司

Campus & Community 那曲德弘厚设备有限公司



Campus & Community 临河同满佳科技有限公司


Valentina Iacobciuc (left) and Elena Fevraleva frolic in the Conifer Collection at the Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University while on break from their nursing work at the Hebrew Rehabilitation Center.

Photos by Rose Lincoln/Harvard Staff Photographer


I try to keep my voice down when I speak of my love for winter. I’ve learned that almost no one wants to hear it. Yet at Harvard’s Arnold Arboretum, I fall in love with this stark but lovely season once again. It’s November on my first visit — everything is shades of brown and the sky is nearly entirely gray. Standing halfway up Peters Hill, the only sound is a nearby rustling in the bushes, then silence, then cawing overhead, then silence. Suddenly, a hawk flies over me, clutching something. I inch closer to her tree; all thoughts of a hearty breakfast leave me as I see the hawk gnawing and tugging at the guts of her prey.

On another visit, the all-brown landscape has been replaced by white blankets of snow. A half-dozen children run through a grove of fir trees. They play outside every day, their teacher tells me, no matter the weather. They laugh and chase each other, snow falling around them. Later that morning, on Hemlock Hill, I meet two health care workers on break from the nearby Hebrew Rehabilitation Center. Like the children, they throw snow in the air and run through the trees. I’ve met my mates and for now, I’m tuning out the naysayers. Winter is upon us and some of us — we’re smiling.


Enormous fir and spruce trees in the Conifer Collection and a lost hat on the Bussey Street Gate.


European starlings compete for crabapples in a tree on Peters Hill.


The wind sends milkweed seeds from their pods to the field below.


Winter’s starkness is evident on the thorns of a honey locust tree and a hawk guarding its prey.


Snow blankets the South Street Gate.


Grass pokes through a snowy footstep, and Anthony Apesos of Jamaica Plain makes his own footsteps. Apesos is a winter landscape artist who will show his work at the Arboretum in 2020.


Eating homemade snow cones on Peters Hill.


While the December snow falls, autumn leaves still cling to a beech tree by the South Street Gate.


Snow lands on the fruits of a sweetgum tree and on a field of reeds by the Arborway Gate.


John Jacobs of Roslindale commutes through the Arnold Arboretum. He sometimes sees coyotes and other wildlife on his walks there, and he keeps an Instagram page of the pictures he takes.



World 安康美信安设备有限公司

On the brink of war 辽阳寿亨久贸易有限公司

U.S. ambassador examines what’s next after Iran shrugs off nuclear deal in response to Trump-ordered killing of Suleimani


Science 通辽金本公贸易有限公司

Power play 同仁茂顺高有限公司

‘High Sees’ architect reasserts how play can impact mental, social development

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